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Who is OpenHedgeFund for?

We at OpenHedgeFund seek to empower individual investors and students with a set of tools that will assist in creating, testing investing ideas, keep track of results and run portfolios to produce investment suggestions.

What are OpenHedgeFund's key advantages?

Building a successful portfolio means investing in securities from different asset classes, as well as using different trading strategies. Hence, we do not offer just ‘per se’ algorithms, we aim to offer a full set of tools to actively manage an entire portfolio, enabling our users to manage risk and reduce the market’s volatility.

Getting Started

OpenHedgeFund allows you to Create, Test and Run your own hedgefund, here is a short demo:


It is possible to create a fund from scratch or from a template by selecting an investment goal, for example retirement,education,etc... or by simply cloning existing great performing funds.


Backtest funds with over 10 years of stocks historical data and ETFs, analyse fund performance through various metrics.


Once testing has been complete, the fund gets published and is constantly updated with market data. Fund followers receive push signals with recommendations and detailed reports are produced weekly or monthly.

Quick User Guide

OpenHedgeFund Basic User Guide (beta)